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Lady Pop


Raven “Lady Pop” Poplus is a native of Atlanta. She found her passion
in radio and broadcasting during high school. She dedicated herself to
her passion as she attended Albany State University, majoring in Mass
Communication. Lady Pop started to “Pop” on the airwaves when she
became the first freshman on-air personality for Albany State’s
University Campus Radio station Real 92.7, which later led her to
intern at WJIZ 96.3 and Streetz 94.5 in Atlanta.

After graduation, she continued her career by taking over the airwaves
on the #1 Hip-hop and R&B station in Valdosta, GA, Power 96.7(WGOV). Lady Pop’s distinct
voice and chipper personality landed her a Midday On-Air/Board operator
opportunity at 96.3 WJIZ, which is #1 station in South West Ga, and now she is the Midday
Personality for Columbus’ number #1 station, Foxie 105 (WFXE).

Lady Pop is also the founder of Women Who Are Winning LLC, a social group promoting empowerment, togetherness, and self-growth among women! They also have multiple
events yearly to bring women together to celebrate all that women do!

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